Periodic Table

Knitted Periodic Table blanket

When this project started, the intention was to make a double-bed-sized blanket. However, due to poor measuring of the first sample, the finished blanket is 5ft by 12ft.

As so many projects do, this project started when I explained how the scan, convert, knit system works, as was asked ", in theory then, you could knit any sized image ... such as a periodic table??"

The blanket was made in 5 vertical sections, each using the full 400 double-bed stitches of the knitting machine, which were then hand-sewn together.

The finished blanket weighs 4kg, contains 16km of yarn knit into 1,215,000 stitches.


Sarah said...

Hi Sally,
I’m a HUGE fan of your work and love your periodic table! Could you tell me what hand -stitch technique you used to sew the panels together? I’d love to know how to seamlessly join double jacquard the way you have.

Sally Kentfield said...

Hi Sarah, I used the standard mattress stitch method, but twice. Once on the front layer of knitting using the same colour thread as the main front colour, and again on the back layer of knitting, using the contrast colour. Sally.