Sunday, 2 June 2013

Image to Knitting Machine software version 2

The first version of the front-end software was to make it quicker and easier for me to knit samples for visitors at Maker Faire using a scanner as the source of the images. Now that Maker is over, I have had  chance to get my first beta tester to run the software. Aunty Marion was the willing volunteer. Marion would ideally like to be able to knit pictures, that her grand-children have drawn, using a Brother 970. We haven't quite worked out the difference between the 950i and the 970, but luckily Marion has a 950i as well.

The software was quickly installed and set-up. We ran through how to use the software, and several usability issues became obvious. These were quickly resolved by a few changes to the wording on the buttons on the application, and re-organizing the buttons. Here is a screenshot of the new layout:

The improved software is available now on my website.

In other news, I had a marvelous find on eBay: a Chad Valley Knit-o-matic. It needed a really good thorough strip-down, clean and oil, but when it was back together, I was quite impressed by the knitting that I could achieve on it. Looking forward to more playing to see if I can make up the patterns that are included in the box.

Added to the To-Do list: make a clear-plastic and wooden version of the Knit-o-matic that I can show clearly how the needles move when doing basic knit stitches. Will be a fabulous hands-on demonstration piece to take to events.

Looking forward to Knit In Public events next Saturday.