Knitting Needles Storage Bag

This bag is just over 35cm long so that I can store most of my knitting needles in it. It is based on Lisa Lam's Sugar Loaf Pouch and then I extended the pattern to make it wide enough to store knitting needles. Lisa mentioned the bag on her Facebook page.

The bag is made from my crafting and sewing left-overs. The black cotton exterior fabric is left over from making some trousers. The cotton lining fabric is from some old curtains in my fabric stash box. The zip was 20p from a local charity shop. The embroidery was done using my Brother PE-150 embroidery machine that I purchased second-hand on eBay several years ago.

If you want to make than extended Sugar Loaf pouch like this bag then first purchase the pattern from the U-Handbag website. To extend the pattern, cut the pattern at right-angles/perpendicular to the side that says "place on fold". Move the two halves apart until the pattern is the new width that you are looking for. It's that easy.

If you want to play around with patterns, I recommend getting a book such as The Completed Book of Sewing by Dorling Kindersley to help you. Recommend purchasing an old pattern from a charity shop to use as pattern paper for practising with, as they usually only charge 20p, so it is much cheaper than buying new pattern tissue paper.