Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker's Towels

Hitchhiker’s guide towels

Towel-related stuff can all be found on the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy towel wiki (

If you can supply information pertaining to any Hitchhiker towels in existence, then please create yourself an account on the wiki and add the information and any related photos, or email me.

How to get hold of a copy of the South Bank show featuring Douglas Adams

Telephone the South Bank show people on 020 7620 1620. Tell them that a couple of years ago they were very nice and sent Ms Kentfield a copy on VHS after receiving a cheque for £25 and a signed release form saying that I will only watch it and will not do anything else dodgy or strange with it.

The video I received was of very good quality, and I assume that they copied from their original archive copy.

Before anyone asks, sorry but I can't make a copy for anyone...please see the "signed a release form" sentence in the above paragraph.

I have put up these details as the question seems to re-appear about every 2 months on the newsgroup.