Maker Faire UK

Draw, Scan, Knit

Here is short demo video of the draw/scan/knit stand that was at Maker Faire (UK) 2014 and Mini Maker Faire Brighton 2014. Visitors can draw a picture that is then scanned in to the computer, converted into a knitting pattern and then knit for them to take home. The process takes 10-15 minutes per picture.

Draw Scan Knit YouTube Video

Mini Maker Faire Brighton 2014

Draw Scan Knit stand at Maker Faire Brighton 2014

At Brighton in 2014 we gave away beginners knitting and crochet kits, alongside the draw/scan/knit demo. The knitting machine kept up pace with the incredibly creative minds of the visitors, and produced over 40 knitted pictures during the 8 hours the show was open.

Mini Maker Faire Brighton 2013

The stand display included an eclectic mix of yarn-based techniques to inspire makers of all ages, including picture knitting, hyperbolic crochet, starched yarn baskets and a glowing el-wire crocheted hat, all in front of a huge knitted Periodic Table blanket.

The visitors were different to Newcastle. There were far more creative/crafting questions, compared to Newcastle, where the questions were mostly technology/engineering-based. Several people asked for a quick lesson on how to knit or crochet, which we happily obliged.

Maker Faire Newcastle 2013

stand at Maker Faire 2013
Maker Faire is "the world's largest show and tell" organised by O'Reilly and Make Magazine. The main UK Maker Faire was held in the Center for Life in Newcastle in April. Although dominated by technology and science, there were a reasonable representation of crafting skills. As well as my stand demonstrating scanning in an image then knitting it, there were 2 addition machine knitting stands this year: Roboknit - a life-size adult mannequin that automated knitting using a circular "french knitting doll" ring; Knitic - in Arduino replacement for the internal circuit boards on a Brother 930.

Our stand demonstrated taking a drawn image, scanning it into a laptop, converting to a knitting pattern, and knitting out the image in the knitting machine. The process took 30 minutes from scan to cast-off.

Here is an example of a drawing being scanned:

and the resulting knitting: