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Knit images on the Brother 950i

knit images How to convert scanned or computer-generated images in to knitting machine patterns and transfer to the Brother 950i

Glowing crocheted hat

knit images Successful experiment crocheting with EL wire and CAT5 cable

Mini Maker Faire (Brighton) 2013

Mini Maker Faire Brighton 2013 I will be taking an eclectic mix of yarn-based techniques to inspire you including picture knitting, hyperbolic crochet, starched yarn baskets and glowing el-wire crocheted structures, all in front of a huge knitted Periodic Table blanket.

Review of Maker Faire UK 2013

Maker Faire uk 2013 in Newcastle I was at Maker Faire UK 2013 at the Centre for Life, Newcastle on April 28th and 29th. As well as displaying lots of machine knitting, hand knittng and crocheted items, I was demonstrating using scanning drawn pictures and knitting them on a Brother 950i.

Christmas sweater vest

Christmas jumper 3-pass multi-colour rib Christmas sweater vest created on Brother 950i using adapted bitmap to pattern converter.

StarGate jumper

Grey and black jumper front with Star Gate image on front and cogs on sleeves A jumper created on the Brother 950i using the Adafruit/hack method of converting bitmap image to a Brother pattern then uploading via a USB cable. StarGate on front, chemical names on back, and cogs on sleeves.

Double Jacquard cheat-sheet

carriage setting Created a cheat-sheet to help me when doing Multicolour Rib (aka Double Jacquard) on Brother 950i.

EL wire

EL wire knitting Trialing knitting with EL wire to create a structure that holds it's own shape, and glows.

Bitmap machine knitting - concise instructions

Added concise instructions to Hacking the Brother 950i page (converting BMP to knitting machine pattern).

Jumper for Hippo

Jumper for toy hippo Creating a little patterned jumper for Hippo on the Brother 950i.

Bag for knitting needles

Bag for knitting needles Taking Lisa Lam's 'sugar loaf' bag and extending it so it is long enough to store knitting needles.


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